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Macau Construction

Following the unprecedented boom in the local construction industry following the liberalization of gaming concessions, new casino developments and associated hotels, leisure and infrastructure work, managed by Hong Kong and international construction organizations, driven by American-style, fast-track programming techniques, impose far greater contractual responsibilities and risks than those previously experienced in Macau.

The contractual arrangements used for this type of high-pressure contracting are totally different from those used by Government bodies and private residential and industrial developers and involve potentially far greater legal and financial risks for those involved.


This high level of potential risk can be controlled and minimized by expert contractual administration procedures whilst, at the same time, maximizing profit opportunities.

Cannonway Consultants have specialized in providing such a service for 15 years and have developed a high level of practical experience, knowledge and skills, which, together with the necessary professional qualifications, will protect Macau contractors embarking upon this new stage in the development of their industry.

The following activities are essential in the minimization of contractual risk and maximization of profit under the new and unfamiliar conditions:

  • Expert vetting of tender and contract documentation to ensure full compliance with contractual requirements and the drafting and submission of tender qualifications where necessary.

  • Negotiation of unacceptably onerous terms and conditions.

  • Post-contract administration to ensure the comprehensive contractual compliance necessary to achieve full financial recovery and the minimization of contractual penalties and other contractual risks.

This service is available to Macau contractors at a very reasonable cost which will be recovered many times over in enhanced financial recoveries and reduced final costs.

Owners / Employers

Owners require their projects on time and within budget. This requires a pro-active approach with the Contractor, particularly on major, fast-track projects.

Project Control Services, Project Monitoring and Contract Administration can be provided on behalf of the Owner or Employer to minimize risk and maximize the opportunity to achieve a successful project. The services of a Dispute Resolution Advisor may also be employed.

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