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Chris Morgan Appointed as First DRA for Drainage Services Department

Chris Morgan, Managing Director of Cannonway Consultants, has been appointed as the Dispute Resolution Advisor for Drainage Services Department Contract No. DC/2004/10, Construction of Tai Po Sewage Treatment Works. The contractor is China Harbour Engineering (Group). The contract is for the construction of Stage 5, Phase 1 of the existing treatment works at Tai Po, Hong Kong. As well as the construction of new facilities, it includes modifications to and demolition of existing facilities.

This is one of the first projects on which the Drainage Services Department has used Dispute Resolution Advisors. The scheme reflects a growing trend amongst Government Works Departments to utilize the services of a Dispute Resolution Advisor in order to minimize the risk of disputes arising on a contract. The role of the Dispute Resolution Advisor is to work with the parties as a neutral member of the team to ensure that disputes do not arise, or if disputes should arise, to assist with their resolution.

This is Chris Morgan’s sixth appointment as a Dispute Resolution Advisor. On all projects where he has acted as a DRA to date, no Disputes have arisen.

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