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17th June 2004

Cannonway Wins Power Project Contract in Thailand

Cannonway Consultants, one of Hong Kong’s leading consultants to the construction industry, has won a contract to provide contractual and quantity surveying services on the construction of large scale coal-fired power plant project in Thailand.

BLCP Power Limited of Thailand, an independent power producer, has commissioned the construction of a 1,434MW coal-fired plant, which will consist of two sub-critical pressure boilers and two 717MW steam turbines.

Cannonway is providing quantity surveying and contracts administration services for this major project, which has initially involved reviewing the commercial and contractual systems. This reflects a growing trend to use consultants from the outset to avoid contractual problems later. The nature of construction means that there will always be changes to the project, and previously the focus has been on completing the job and then resolving disputes at a later date. An increasing number of contractors are relying on consultants with both contractual and construction industry expertise to manage the complex contractual administration of construction projects, and to deal with issues between the parties as they arise. This can ultimately save time and cost by avoiding lengthy disputes and legal proceedings.

The BLCP power plant is being built in response to the increasingly rapid demand for electric power, which has been in line with the country’s recent economic growth. The power generated at the new plant will all be sold to the Electric Generating Authority of Thailand, and supplied to Bangkok.

At present, about 80% of the electricity in Thailand is produced by firing natural gas, and the Thai Government have introduced an initiative to diversify fuel sources for power generation. This coal-fired power plant is intended to assist in implementing this initiative, and when it is completed (scheduled to be February 2007), it will be one of the largest modern coal-fired power generation plants in Thailand.

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