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Local dealings between employers and nominated subcontractors

Impact of Civil Justice Reform on construction disputes

Arbitrators and Advocates: Barristers Chambers - Conflict of Interest

Recent international arbitration developments

How the New Civil Justice Reform Rules will affect the construction industry in Hong Kong

Challenges in Arbitral Proceedings

Reform of the Law of Arbitration in Hong Kong

Drafting Arbitration Clauses - A Trap for the Unwary?

Must Arbitration be a Bloodbath?

Arbitrators in Hong Kong have a Broader Discretion on Calderbank Offers than the Courts: Chinney Construction Co Ltd v Po Kwong Marble Factory Ltd

Cheques "Bounce" Beyond the Scope of Arbitration Clauses

Abbott & Anor v Will Gannon & Smith Ltd - Pirelli Remains Good Law

The Award of Interest in the Event of Under Certification in Construction and Engineering Contracts

Changes to the New CIET AC Rules Effective 1 May 2005

ICC New Dispute Resolution Board Rules

Legal Advice Privilege Judgment – but Practical Problems for Companies

Electronic Disclosure of Documents in Contentious Proceedings

Pre-hearing Procedure in LMAA Arbitrations

What is the "First Step in the Proceedings to Contest the Merits’’ under the Arbitration Act 1996?

Kenworth Engineering Ltd v Nishimatsu Construction Co Ltd

The Law of Negligence

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Validity of Arbitration Notice – Abandoned Claims

Determining the Existence of an Arbitration Clause

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