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Tender Documentation Preparation, Review and Guidance

Conditions of contract for construction works can vary substantially. There are many different standard forms of contract used in the industry, with widely varying conditions and requirements. Many of the bigger employers have developed their own conditions of contract which require particularly careful consideration.

Even where standard forms of contract are used, it is common for them to be amended by special conditions of contract. These also require careful consideration as, unless the drafting of these special conditions is very clear, we find that special conditions often introduce ambiguities when read with the other documentation forming the contract.

As well as special conditions of contract, the contractor has to consider all the other tender documents which will form the contract, which can typically include the specification, preliminaries, bills of quantities, and schedule of rates.

Consideration of the true meaning and effect of the provisions of these documents requires specialist skills and understanding based on many years experience and a knowledge of contracts. Cannonway, as a firm of construction contracts consultants, can provide these skills, advising clients on the interpretation of tender documents, risks, and possible qualifications to tenders together with contract amendments.

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