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Expert Reports

It is usual in arbitration and litigation proceedings associated with construction disputes that expert reports are provided to the tribunal to assist with the determination of the technical matters in dispute.

Each party to the dispute appoints its own experts to prepare its expert reports and subsequently give evidence if the dispute is not settled. The number of experts can vary depending on the disciplines involved in disputes; often and for the simpler disputes, there will be a single expert; for major and wide ranging construction disputes it is not uncommon to have up to 3 expert reports, dealing, for example, with quantum, programming, and engineering matters. Sometimes quantum and programming are handled by a single expert which is convenient and economical.

The varied backgrounds of our directors ensures that we have experience to provide expert reports and advice for quantum, programming (delay analysis), engineering issues, and contracts management.

Qualifications of our senior staff include membership of The Academy of Experts. Our staff have participated in training by this organization which underpins our skills as experts. The staff who may provide expert reports and advice are :

  • Mr. Chris Morgan - Quantum and Delay Analysis.
  • Mr. David Hawkins - Quantum and Delay Analysis.
  • Mr. John Parker - Quantum and Delay Analysis.
  • Mr. Raymond Szeto - Quantum and Delay Analysis

Short CVs for each of the above staff are provided in the staff section, and full CVs may be made available upon request.

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