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Cannonway Awarded Two Contracts with Government for Expert Services on Mediations

Cannonway Consultants is one of Hong Kong’s longest established and leading firms of contracts consultants and quantity surveyors to the construction industry.

They have been appointed by the Hong Kong Government to provide expert quantum advice and assistance on two major civil engineering projects in Hong Kong, working alongside the Government’s own team. The projects are major multi-million dollar projects where there are a number of issues in dispute between the Government departments concerned and the main contractors for the project. Cannonway have been tasked with providing independent risk assessments, and expert quantum advice in order to assist with achieving a fair and reasonable settlement for the disputed items which are the subject of the mediations.

Cannonway’s senior staff are providing the expertise necessary to provide such specialist assistance, all of whom have extensive experience in the industry spanning a number of decades. Our staff have been carefully selected to complement a well balanced team combining high levels of qualifications and wide ranging levels of practical skills and knowledge acquired in the field of operation. This unique combination ensures pragmatic solutions to the problems inevitably encountered on most construction and engineering projects, achieving optimum results for all parties involved.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on Tel: 2529 1117, Fax : 2866 2725, or E-mail : for further details.

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