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Claim Management, Identification, Preparation, Defence, Negotiation and Settlement

Construction contracts envisage various matters for which the contractor may make a claim against the employer, or the sub-contractor against the main contractor. Most frequently, these claims are for additional time and / or payment. Extensions of time (EOT) to the contract period may be required by the contractor in which to complete the works to remove the risk of the payment of liquidated damages for the period of delay. Extensions of time may also enable the contractor to recover the additional loss and expense of prolongation. Claims for additional payment can arise for a multitude of reasons including disputes over variations, changes in circumstances, prolongation claims and disruption claims.

The preparation and defence of such claims requires a clear understanding of the contractual and legal principles which underpin each claim, the ability to fully understand and interpret the conditions of the particular contract, and the methods of calculation and presentation which may be adopted.

The negotiation and settlement of claims requires a knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each claim in order that negotiation strategies can be developed and each situation can be assessed to determine whether to settle or proceed with the dispute. Our senior staff have developed negotiation skills during their many years in the construction industry, and are also aware of the various alternative dispute resolution (ADR) strategies which may be available. We can advise clients on these strategies as required.

Cannonway, as a firm of construction claims consultants, has the specialist staff to undertake this work drawing on their many years of experience on building, civil engineering, electrical and mechanical installations, oil, power gas and petrochemical projects.

All types of claims are handled by Cannonway, including:-

  • Variation claims
  • Prolongation claims
  • Delay Claims
  • Disruption chains
  • Other Monetary claims
  • Extension of time claims
  • Breach of contract
  • Ex-contractual claims

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