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Arbitration and Litigation Support

Cannonway has an established reputation working with Solicitors and Barristers, assisting with the technical aspects of arbitration and litigation proceedings. We have been involved in many major construction claims and disputes in Hong Kong and the Far East region.

Our skills and experience have been employed on quantum, technical, construction and engineering disputes and in the forensic examination of quantum claims and delay analysis related to extension of time (EOT), disruption and other claims.

The Cannonway team have a wealth of practical experience in the construction industry gained from senior and director level positions with prestigious contractors, sub contractors, employers, and commercial organisations both in Hong Kong and other countries. The skills acquired from this experience are put to good use in the resolution of disputes.

Integral with our core business is the provision of commercial and contractual advice to our clients. Our everyday involvement with the construction industry means that we continue as operational practitioners in our chosen professions. We are completely familiar with current developments and the up to date, relevant information which is essential in enabling us to express authoritative opinions.

We have experience in leading teams of specialists on major construction claims and disputes and working with the legal profession in the development of strategies and the management of disputes.

Cannonway have worked with many prominent law firms on construction disputes, including Allen & Overy, Baker & McKenzie, Denton Wilde Sapte, Gallant Y. T. Ho, Hampton, Winter & Glynn, Herbert Smith, Johnson Stokes & Master, Kao, Lee & Yip, Lo & Lo, Masons, Minter Ellison, Malleson Stephen Jaques, Lovells, Richards Butler, Shadbolts, Simmons & Simmons and Wilkinson & Grist. Clients include contractors, subcontractors, developers and building owners, oil and gas companies, Government departments and quasi-government organizations.

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