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Project Control Services

  • Construction is a difficult business. This particularly applies to major, one-off projects with little or no repetition. In a factory the process can be adjusted and fine tuned to achieve maximum efficiency over the production of many thousands of items. There is no such opportunity on a construction site, and each project is essentially a unique project with its own mix of construction methods, personnel, forms of contract, ground conditions, access constraints, local authority requirements, and many other matters. It is essential that the design and construction process is managed to ensure that the Owner achieves his project at the earliest time and within his budget requirements.

  • It is a fact that the traditional construction team does not adequately provide a comprehensive and expert service to the building owner. Whilst a number of consultants will be employed by the Owner, none of them specialize in the control of the project. This is demonstrated by the large number of delays and disputes which are seen on major construction projects. Such delays and disputes are very costly; major delays can have a substantial adverse effect on the project, and the cost in terms of both management time and consultants and lawyers fees in running arbitrations and litigations can be very large.

  • Cannonway specialize in the control of major construction projects. Typically, we will provide a very experienced construction professional who acts as a Client Advisor and who works with the consultants team to ensure that all problems are addressed at the earliest opportunity. This requires a full understanding of the implications of the construction contract, and a highly proactive and imaginative approach in overcoming the many issues that typically affect the construction process. He will work with the Owner and its team to liase and negotiate with the Contractor on all issues which may affect the project outcome to achieve the best solution for the Owner, and to minimize delays and claims.

  • This role requires a highly experienced person with the necessary contractual understanding, drive, and imagination to deal with these issues in the most commercial manner.

  • This service is provided by Cannonway Consultants. We will be happy to discuss your project and provide a proposal tailored to suit your needs.

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