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New Risks and Responsibilities for Macau Contractors

With the advent of major casino, hotel, conference centre, and associated construction projects in Macau, the Macau Construction Industry is facing an unprecedented increase in business. Macau contractors are having to work with forms of contract which are very new to them, and which include requirements, risk and responsibilities which they have not seen before. Cannonway presented a seminar to the Macau Construction Association and considered the risks and responsibilities in a typical form of contract used by one of the casino owners. As well as summarizing some of the key differences between this contract and the contracts that the contractors are familiar with, we believe we raised some issues which contractors may not previously have considered. The course was presented in Cantonese by Sam Wong, an Associate Director with Cannonway, and supported by Chris Morgan, Cannonway’s Managing Director. Our thanks go to the Macau Construction Association for setting up this seminar and providing the facilities.

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